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The American Association of Webmasters 2007 SITE OF THE YEAR, has been officially announced.  Congratulations to: Associated Students - SJSU.  Applications are still being accepted year round for our other various Award Titles.  Applicants may apply for our Gold, Silver or Bronze Web Award.  Any and all sites submitted over the next 12 months will automatically become eligible to secure our coveted "Site of the Year Award" when it is again announced in December of 2008.  Click here to read about the 2007 winning website!  Apply to our 2008 web award competition today.  Click Here. 

AAWM Award Program

Award Program


American Association of Webmasters listed in Award Sites.

The AAWM Association, and more particularly its various Award Programs, were designed to supply formal recognition and acknowledge the hard work and dedication that each applicant has put into constructing their web sites using their own brand of style creativity, and content.

It is to these sites that we owe our thanks as they are the primary reason that our Award Program is growing so rapidly and gathering so much critical acclaim in the world of the Internet.

As one of Worlds peak internet bodies, the Awards of The American Association Of Webmasters are amongst the most prestigious available - and hence, amongst some of the more difficult to win on the web. The AAWM has devised a rating system of Gold, Silver, and Bronze - with these different rankings enabling us the widest possible area in which to reward skill, effort and enthusiasm and assist in gaining credibility for your website.

The Gold Award itself represents the pinnacle of website design in the United States and to win this Award is truly an honor. Accordingly only a smaller proportion of our applicants will eventually secure this coveted prize as we only reward those webmasters who have excelled in all fields of our criteria.

Please note: Our Award Pickup page is a password protected module and entry is only supplied to legitimately awarded Winners. If you should win one of our awards, we will send you a user name and password under a personalized email so that you may pick up your Award Graphic you have won and proudly display it on your winning website.

Who is eligible to apply?
Due to the global nature of the internet, applicants from ALL countries are eligible to apply, however, your website must offer and ENGLISH translation, in order for us to be able to read the content on your website.  We ask that applicants carefully read our Award Program Policy, Rules and Criteria, before submitting their application to us.

How to submit
All Entries must be submitted using our Online Entry Form that can be found on the AAWM's website.  (See our "submit site" link)  A website will only be considered "entered" after a completed entry form is received by the AAWM.   If the applicant has made an error on the entry form, they must email us right away at: awards [at] aawebmasters.com with any corrections. Please be sure to double check the spelling of your URL and email address. 

Award Program Entry Fees:

Express Submit $20.00:  (USA and International Websites) 
Guaranteed review by our judges within 5 to 7 business days of submission. 
(Award Certificate not included).

Deluxe Submit $30.00:  (USA Websites Only) 
Guaranteed review by our judges within 3 to 7 business days of submission.    An award certificate that will be sent to the mailing address you provide
on the application form.  Your certificate will be signed and dated by Mark Verkhovski, CEO of the American Association Of Webmasters. (Shipping and Handling Included).

 Golden Award Certificate  Award Certificate
Deluxe Submissions will receive a award certificate sent via postal mail.

If your website should win one of our Awards, winners will be supplied a FREE Award Graphic to proudly display on their websites, along with a laudation letter from the CEO of the American Association Of Webmasters.  Winners also receive a permanent listing on our websites winners list.  PLEASE NOTE- The AAWM does not simply hand out our awards.  The Awards must be earned and  THE CRITERIA OF THE AWARD PROGRAM,  MUST BE MET.


Lets begin the policy and rules of our Award Program Next

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Award Program Navigation

 Award  Program
 Award Policy
 Award Graphics

Have questions?   click on live help above

 Award Criteria
 Self-Test & Last Minute Tips
 Award Process
 Submit Your Site For Judging
 Founder Of The AAWM
 Evaluator / Judges
 Code Of Ethics
 Award Winners  & Archives
 Ratings & Affiliations

Benefits For Applying

arrow Your Website will be reviewed by a Committee of Professional Web Developers. 
arrow Our HIGHLY RATED Award Program, is an Choice Award Program, rated 5.0 by Award Sites!  We stand by our Ethics Pledge.
arrow When a surfer visits your website and sees the AAWM Award Graphic displayed on your website, they know that they are visiting a website that is a step above the rest.
arrow The AAWM Awards has received International
Press Coverage.  We have over 83,000 webpage's linking to us.  
arrow The AAWM has first page ranking on Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN and many other top search engines.  Winning our Award could increase traffic to your website.  Our website has a PR7 ranking with Google.
arrow We accept applications all year.  Winners are notified within 2 to 6 weeks.  Express submissions
3-7 days.
arrow Applicants that do not win an award, will be notified with their a breakdown of their scoring points and we will offer them tips on improving their websites for FREE. (If requested)
arrow Winners receive a permanent listing on our website.  Our winners list and archives acts as a 365/24/7 portal, promoting our winners to their clients and visitors.
arrow Any and all sites submitted over the next 12 months will automatically become eligible to secure our coveted "Webmaster/Site Of The Year Award". when it is again announced in December.
arrow Our detailed criterion provides informative tips, which could help increase your chances of winning The AAWM Award and other web awards.

Something Extra We Offer

The AAWM offers actual Certificates, Engraved Plaques and Trophies to act as further proof of your hard work and achievements. Winners may post their winning Web Award announcement in their news section, newsletters, local media or e-mail campaign ads. We invite you to read some of our award winners testimonials.


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