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Colocation Hosting Service

Colocation hosting is a type of hosting that involves the serves of the companies which are placed on the same premises of a hosting company. It is likely that this will be used when companies want to have total control of their site and everything it does. This means that the company owns the server and all the information that is needed goes in there. After this, the server is moved to the premises of a third party. Much of the time, hosting companies will offer the clients help to build a server according to the specifications.

What is a Colocation Centre?

A colocation centre, different spellings include collocation, colo or coloc, is also sometimes referred to as a carrier hotel. This is a kind of data center where many customers locate server, network and storage gear and connect to many different forms of telecommunications, as well as other network service providers. The cost is minimal and it's not as complicated to do as some might think. In fact, many Internet exchange points will offer collocation.

What are the Benefits of Colocation Hosting?

More and more companies are choosing to use collocation their equipment that is critical to their overall mission to a data center. Colocation is growing in popularity due to the money and time a company can safe from using a shared data center infrastructure. Many benefits, such as large mechanical and power systems encourage companies to choose large facilities for collocation. Some of these data centers are roughly 50,000 to 100,000 square feet in size. Companies find that if their IT and communications facilities are in this kind of facility, they are in safe hands and their telecommunications, internet, content and ASP providers and enterprises run more smoothly, so the business owners can focus on their business.

Colocation hosting has many advantages over server hosting. One such advantage is the way that data centers offer a type of service known as "remote hands". This is effective if a task needs to be done that is only able to be done from the console. Another benefit is that connectivity is better. Colocation hosting allows direct access to the strongest and widely used networks in the world. Plus, there is no need for UPS or generators.

In addition to these benefits, clients can reduce the cost of traffic back-haul and keep their internal networks free for other things. Plus, by choosing to outsource network traffic to collocation service providers who have a greater bandwidth capacity, the speeds of the website increase.

It is also a consideration of flexibility when it comes to collocating a server. Users get to choose the configuration of the hardware and the software that goes with it. Hosting companies maintain internet connection and other factors such as UPS, fire controls, air conditioning, etc. Keeping the server up is the user's responsibility.

The only thing that makes collocation hosting different than dedicated hosting is that the user is also the owner of the web server hardware. Dedicated hosting, however, means that the client rents the server while using the hosting services. So, it can be said that collocation hosting offers more flexibility when it comes to control and maintaining the server. In collocation hosting, you can also have your server monitored around the clock so you can eliminate the slow response issue.

Main Colocation Customers Include:

  • Major enterprises who use a collocation facility as a form of disaster avoidance. This is where they do offsite data backup and maintain business continuity.

  • Telecommunication companies use the collocation facilities as a way to help interexchange traffic with other telecommunications companies and gain access to possible customers.

  • Web commerce companies use the collocation facilities as a safe place that is cost effective and offers continuous internet connections.

Many companies offer collocation services at reasonable prices. It is essential that you do some good research before deciding which option is best for you and your company.


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