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Dedicated Web Hosting Service

When a website owner wants to lease a full server for himself that is not shared or split with anyone else, this is known as dedicated hosting, managed hosting service or having a dedicated server. This is a more flexible option than choosing to go with shared hosting and those who decide on dedicated hosting services are able to choose the hardware and operating system they use. Server management can be considered an additional service that is offered by the hosting company, but will cost extra.

Many website owners choose to go with dedicated servers because the price and return on the investment are well worth it. Plus, a dedicated server will offer more flexibility than other hosting options. Dedicated servers are placed in what is called a data center. Data centers are similar to collocation facilities. They offer enough power and good heating and cooling systems to properly maintain the physical server. Unlike colocation, server hardware belongs to the service provider and it is at the discretion of the provider to give support to the operating system.

Support for the Operating system

The operating systems that accompany a dedicated server will have a lot to do with the cost and availability of systems, as well as how familiar the employees are with the operating systems. Some operating systems are open source and these are provided free of charge to a website owner. Linux and Unix are readily available, so they are often used and offered for no charge. Other commercial operating systems can be used for a monthly fee. This might include Microsoft SPLA. Red Hat is a commercial type of Linux that will cost users money, but the fee includes updates to the operating system through the application known as yum.

Individual dedicated server plans determine how much support a website owner will get. Some of the support might include security fixes, system vulnerability solutions and core system updates. Core updates include security patches, service packs and application updates. Choosing the packages that offer system updates can help clients work on their websites worry free.

Bandwidth and connectivity - A breakdown

Bandwidth describes the speed in which data is transferred and how much of it can go from one point to the other. The time used in the measurement is a second and the unit is bit/s, or bits per second.

Dedicated servers have the ability to connect to high powered networks at lower costs due to the amount of bandwidth that is used. The only other way to get this much network power without using multi providers in the bandwidth blend is to spend lots of money to obtain and maintain core routers and long term contracts. This can lead to huge monthly bills.

The Role of Dedicated Server Management

There are no industry standards when it comes to the amount of management that a dedicated server will provide. This basically means that the amount of service you get will depend on what the dedicated service provider feels like offering. Management can range from a web based control panel to a completely managed system with engineers standing by to meet your service needs.

Many dedicated service providers tell clients that the amount of management depends on how many services a provider uses, but a fully managed service plan will often have the same amount of service as self-managed services.

Dedicated server hosting services are likely to offer any of the following types of server management:

  • Unmanaged - With this kind of service there is hardly any involvement from the service provider. Clients handle all of the upgrades, patches, security and maintenance.

  • Fully Managed - This involves the software updates, reboots, operating system upgrades, security patches and monitoring the whole system. In this case, customers have to do nothing.

  • Self-Managed - With this type of management, the provider offers only some maintenance and monitoring and the client will likely have to handle most of the tasks and operations that take place on the dedicated server.

  • Managed - This involves offering only a mid-level of management with limited support, monitoring and updates. In this case, it is likely that clients will have to do some of the work.


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